Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes mourns death of his English teacher


Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes was very sad to learn about the passing of one his best English teachers, Vernon de los Trino.

In a Facebook post, Soltes paid tribute to De los Trino for the role he played in his life.

Soltes said he had a speech defect that made him stammer and was never confident in speaking English.

But De los Trino believed in him and picked him to represent his class in an oration contest.

His teacher invited him to his house on weekends to help him overcome his speech defect and improve his diction.

It was life-changing, said Soltes, although he had almost forgotten about this.

But the Lord will never forget that De los Trino had been a very good person, he said.

May he rest in peace!

“Sad to know that Mr Vernon de los Trino has passed away.

He was one of my best English teachers in high school and in college. I have never been a confident English speaker. I have a speech defect and I had mild stammer then. But Mr De los Trino had faith in me.

In college, he chose me to represent his class in an oration contest among the various college departments. He would ask me to come over his house on weekends so he could help me overcome my defect and improve my diction. I almost had forgotten this life-changing help until I learned he was gone. Just posting this as if I need to remind God how good Sir Vernon was. Of course, God never forgets.

Thanks Sir! Have your eternal rest and may Heaven be kind and welcoming,” Soltes posted.

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