Camalig celebrates 93 years of santacruzan


After a 3-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the local government of Camalig celebrated the 93 years of traditional santacruzan.

The 93rd MAFLOR was celebrated and culminated in Camalig, drawing in crowds from the local community and other neighboring cities and municipalities.

“Organized and established by the May Flower organization way back in 1930, the event is believed to be the oldest celebrated Santacruzan in the province of Albay,” the Camalig PIO said.

A total of 30 participants or “pasos” from the town and other areas paraded during the event, representing the Tres Marias, Reyna Elena, Reyna De Las Flores, Reyna Mora, Reyna De La Paz, Reyna Caridad, and other figures.

Meanwhile, Camalig Vice Mayor Ding G. Baldo expressed gratitude to the efforts of the barangays in holding on to the town’s time-honored traditions which highlight the cherished cultural identity of Camalig.

“Nagpasalamat ako ta inalagaan ang tradisyon na yadi,” VM Ding said.

Camalig Councilor Rodolfo S. Llosala, Jr. and Municipal Tourism & Cultural Heritage Office Head, Mr. Jed L. Villanueva likewise vowed that Camalig local government will put efforts into making the Santacruzan the grandest celebration come its 100th year.

“The success of this year’s Santacruzan was attributed to the initiatives and tireless efforts of Brgy. 6 headed by Punong Barangay (PB), Hon. Olivia Gomez,” the PIO said.

“Despite the fast-paced and modern changes, the Camaligueños continue to stay true to their roots, further preserving the town’s cultural heritage which has been evidently passed on from generations to generations,” ít added.

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