Albay Gov. Grex Lagman shares how he became a Miami Heat fan


Albay Gov. Grex Lagman is impressed with the trajectory of the Miami Heat, and is now a fan.

In a Facebook post, Lagman recalled that he thought the team just got lucky when it won its first round series.

But he became a believer when it won games 1 and 2 against Boston in the Eastern conference finals.

He also noted that many basketball fans have tried to discredit the Miami Heat, but he said it is time to acknowledge how good the team is.

To deny them this is to deny reality, he said.

Miami Heat also has a good narrative, starting with having Fil-Am Erik Spoelstra as its coach and having star player in Jimmy “Jordan” Butler who defied all socio-economic odds to become a rising star.

The team likewise has the most number of undrafted NVA players who have overachieved and thumbed their noses at naysayers who preferred the pedigreed players, he said.

It has diamonds in the rough, but found gems within, he added.

It’s time to turn up the heat!

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