Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion impressed with his son’s gift of gab


Not only is Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion’s son Nathaniel Emil a new lawyer, he is also a champion debater and best speaker.

In a Facebook post, Legacion said that he was surfing the web and was pleasantly surprised to see his son’s name being commended for his debating and speaking skills.

Emil was hailed the best speaker at the 30th annual Pi Sigma Open Debate tournament.

The mayor also reminded his son to take to heart his mother’s reminder to continue to use his experience to help others.

With great power comes great responsibility!


I searched the web this morning only to find your name thereat that made me prouder of you my eldest, Atty. NATHANIEL EMIL LEGACION.

I also noticed your mother’s comment that you should take to heart, as follows:

‘you never fail to inspire us..continue to use your experience to help others,’” the mayor posted.

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