Calapan Councilor Rona Leachon thinks she needs to lose some weight 


Calapan Councilor Rona Leachon shared some whole body photos on Facebook and said she needs to lose a few pounds.

Leachon said her lower extremities are fine, but she would like to lose some weight from her upper body. This area can be pretty stubborn, she said.

But she also noted that her size has worked for her, so she can’t really complain.

She also issued a reminder not to eat too much, as this could lead to the need to take maintenance medicines.

She’s just really glad that she’s healthy!

“Caption this plss.. oppps wag na nga, ako nalang!

Yes I know, it’s still big lol, I still need to shed extra pounds. In the lower extremeties it’s a bit okay

but I need to change the pants size

, In the upper area uh that’s the stubborn part!

Well, since my (biggy & saggy) size worked before at umubra naman nga, ngayon pa ba ako mag iinarte

I just thank the Lord for keeping us healthy. Hooray for Monday!


PS: Do not eat too much, and it will lead you not to take maintenance meds,” Leachon posted.

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