Camalig to further improve solid waste management


Camalig Mayor Caloy Baldo said that the local government unit will further improve its solid waste management.

His commitment came after the Municipal Solid Waste Management Board (MSWMB) held its 1st quarterly meeting.

The meeting aimed to keep track of LGU’s development thrusts toward sustainable, and ecologically and economically viable zero-waste management.

Improper garbage disposal was highlighted among various concerns which has been a widespread problem in town, opting LGU-Camalig to push for a more aggressive drive against garbage pollution.

MSWMB Chairman, Mayor Caloy, urged members to remind the barangays to render proper and strict segregation and overall management of Materials Recovery Facility (MRFs) through close coordination between the community and LGU-Camalig functionaries, replacement of inactive eco-aides/collectors, repositioning of MRFs, intensive MRF monitoring, and stray dog control.

He also suggested for the enactment of an ordinance, mandating for the promotion, viability, and effective implementation of solid waste management efforts which center on segregation and collection of non-recyclable and special wastes.

According to Baldo’s office, in the first three months of ghe year, the LGU-Camalig has collected a total of 254,731 kilograms of solid waste and has oriented and given solid waste management certificates to a total of 743 business establishments.

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