DAR turns over hauling vehicles to 3 agrarian beneficiaries


The Department of Agrarian Reform has turned over motorized hauling vehicle to three agrarian reform beneficiary organizations in Camarines Norte.

The service vehicles worth P170,000 each will be used to transport the groups’ agri-products to private buyers and consumers.

Meralyn Bongais, DAR Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer, said the three cooperatives can expand their operations and increase the income of the farmer-members as well as the organization.

The DAR facilitated the signing of the Trust Agreement and the certificate of turnover for the official receipt of equipment to the San Jose Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Association (SARA), the San Pascual Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organization (SPARBO), and the Brgy. Maisog Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organization (BMARBO).

The service vehicles were provided under the Sustainable Livelihood Support for Disaster Affected Areas and the Expanded Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty programs.

“This hauler will help us in transporting our products to the market, where we can sell them at a reasonable price. That is one of the many things we are grateful for. This would be a big help for agrarian reform beneficiaries like us,” said Marilyn Francisco, BMARBO officer.

Alicia Almacin, DAR chief for support services, said that SPARBO’s rice trading business continues to generate significant gains, while SARA is fully involved in its profitable egg production venture.

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