Lagman meets with UNESCO Philippines official


Albay Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has attended a dinner hosted by UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines Secretary General Ivan Henares.

Lagman shared that they discussed a “very stimulating dinner” about culture and the arts.

“Rest assured of my enduring commitment to our goals for Albay. PTCAO’s Dorothy Fernandez Colle and Provincial Administrator Sheina Onrubia-Dela Cruz will brainstorm with you and your group in Albay,” said the governor.

“The 23rd will be especially important when you meet for brunch at the Governor’s Guesthouse with them and the individuals i have tapped to join so that discussions will start in earnest,” he added.

Lagman said that the when Technical Working Group (TWG) is formed through a prospective EO, he is hoping for more serious and engaging work.

“I understand the prerequisite for cultural mapping of the province, the setting of the indispensable parameters that will limit overlaps and the laying down of the cultural groundwork where real and measurable gains towards our goals can be built on. This is challenging work but it will be worth it for Mayon,” he said.

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