SP urges Palawan municipalities to establish public libraries


The Palawan Sangguniang Palalawigan has urged the local government units in the province to establish their respective public libraries.

The SP passed the Proposed Resolution No. 848-23 titled: A Resolution urging Municipal Mayors and Sangguniang Bayans of the twenty-three (23) component municipalities to establish Public Libraries in their respective jurisdiction.

Board Member Ryan D. Maminta authored the said resolution.

Maminta emphasized the importance of libraries, particularly in the literacty level of Palaweños.

“Public libraries, elevate the literacy level and enhance the accessibility of our young ones to books, we encourage them to read more, to learn more, and to have more knowledge,” said Maminta.

“This establishment should be maintained by the municipalities with their sangguniang bayans, specifically the sanggunian secretary, if there is no public librarian in their locality,” he added.

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