Ako Bicol lawmaker reminds gov’t departments to spend their budget well


Ako Bicol lawmaker and appropriations committee chairman Zaldy Co reminded government departments and agencies to spend their budget well to avoid election spending ban as well as the onset of the rainy season.

In a statement, the Bicolanpnsolon said that over P5 trillion national budget can give jobs to the unemployed, including the 334,000 construction workers who were jobless in January.

“I remind the departments and other agencies with infra funds to obligate and spend those funds this year, and any infra funds obligated last year but not yet spent should also be spent in 2023,” Co said.

“I also remind all departments and agencies to make sure they avoid the election spending ban that comes with the Barangay and SK Elections in October this year and the rainy season that comes from July to September while also following the government procurement law and regulations,” he added.

Co said the government should learn from the past as billions of projects were either delayed or not implemented at all.

“We are already in the month of March, which means the government agencies have April, May, and June and then from November to December for the infra and another major spending,” said Co.

“They should apply lessons learned by improving absorptive capacity and spending in those months where spending and projects could be hampered,” he added.

“During the budget hearings, Members of Congress kept noting the billions worth of projects and programs delayed and not implemented. We should have much fewer delays and non-implementation this year,” he continued.

He also said that when time the 2024 budget hearings get underway next August, the Congress expects accomplishment reports, “not apologies and excuses.”

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