Lagman moves to resolve drainage problem at Daraga school


Albay Governor Edcel Grex Lagman led an intensive discussion to solve the drainage problems at the Daraga North Central School.

Lagman said that he is satisfied with the solutions that they have come up with for the students.

“A 1 and 1/2 hour intensive discussion regarding the dire infrastructure and drainage problems being faced by students of Daraga North Central School (DNCS),” said Lagman.

“Very happy to have come up with needed solutions to a myriad of problems ranging from massive infrastructure issues as well as pressing literacy ones,” he added.

“But with everyone’s concerted effort, coupled with the dedication and commitment of DNCS teachers and its SPTA officers, we found many innovative solutions,” he continued.

In another event, Lagman provided a cash gift to an Albayano architect who landed second in the latest board examination.

Lagman welcomed in his office Architect Shanna Mae Goyena who earned her degree at the Bicol University.

“Giving a cash gift to Architect Shanna Mae Goyena who placed second (2nd) nationwide in the recently concluded Architecture Licensure Exam by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC),” Lagman said.

“You have made your professors and schoolmates at BU Institute of Architecture proud. Your mom from Bacacay and your dad from Daraga. As well as all of us Albayanos. Congratulations,” he added.

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