Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes says ABS-CBN is thriving even without a franchise


ABS-CBN has shown that it doesn’t need a franchise to thrive, according to Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes.

In a Facebook post, Soltes said it looks like the network is back on its feet again as its shows are on top when it comes to satellite/ direct to home TV. The shows are big-budget productions, he noted.

This reminded him of the story of a turtle thrown into the water by a monkey, who did not know it was the turtle’s natural habitat.

ABS-CBN is enjoying the same blessing as the turtle, he said.

Soltes also believes the network will eventually regain its franchise, but by then, he said this would be just be icing on the cake.

By that time, free to air TV will be on its way out and affordable satellite TV will be dominant, he said.

He believes in ABS-CBN supremacy!

“It seems that ABS-CBN is on its feet again, lording it over satellite/ direct to home TV with big-budget productions.

This makes me remember the tale of the turtle. The monkey thought that throwing the turtle into the river would kill the poor creature. Little did the monkey know that the turtle belongs to the waters. It seems that ABS-CBN is having the same blessing in disguise. Instead of dying there, it reinvented itself into something greater.

Someday, the network will regain its franchise—but only as an icing on the proverbial cake at a time when everyone prefers the affordable satellite over the obsolete free-to-air TV,” Soltes posted.

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