Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes wonders what life would have been like had he decided to work abroad


Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes is happy where he is now, but sometimes, he wonders about the road not taken.

In a Facebook post, Soltes said many of his high school friends are working in another country.

Only a few were left in Camarines Sur.

Soltes said he is not the type of person to be hung up on what its and what could have been.

But there are times when he wonders what could have become of him had he also decided to pursue life in a faraway place. It had been his plan once, after all.

Still, he has no regrets, he said.

“My high school classmates, most of whom are my friends, are working either abroad or somewhere else in the country. It seems that there are only few of us here in Camarines Sur.

One high school classmate/ friend, for instance, has been all over the world to as far as the French Polynesia.

I’m the type of person who does not entertain what ifs and what could have beens. But sometimes especially before going to sleep I still wonder what could have become of me had I also pursued working or living in a faraway place. Once it was my plan.

No regrets however. I’m happy where I am,” Soltes posted.

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