Odiongan launches talent competition


Mayor Trina Firmalo-Fabic is calling all talented residents to join the Odiongan Got Talent, which will be open to all all ages and gender.

“We are holding an open call for all talented Odionganons who wanted to showcase their special skills! It can be anything under the sun, show us what you’ve got,” said the Mayor.

“The competition is open to all Odionganons, of all ages and gender, who wish to showcase their unique talent. Participants should coordinate with their respective barangay officials, and before or at the time of the audition must present a barangay certification or ID with indicated address as proof of residency,” she added.

According to the mayor, the performance can be individual, duo or group, with a minimum of two-minute and a maximum of three-minute presentation.

“Props are allowed. However, power or any form of liquid that may spill, drip on the floor or overflow are not allowed. Power or flammable substances need to be cleared or screened by the organizers ahead of time,” said Firmalo-Fabic.

“The first live audition will be on February 14, 2023 at Odiongan Public Plaza. It will be followed by the second live audition on March 11, 2022, third live audition on March 18, 2023 and Grand Finals on April 2, 2023,” she added.

First prize winner will get P10,000, second place will receive P7,000 and the third placer will take home P5,000. There will also be a consolation prize of P2,000.

Deadline of application will be on February 9.

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