Lagman graces Albay Yacht Club fundraising dinner


Albay Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has graced the fundraising dinner initiated by the Albay Yacht Club, which he said was “extra special.”

Lagman thanked Albay Yacht Club headed by AYC Commodore Gregorio Fernand Imperial for inviting him. Keynote speaker was Erden Eruc, a leading ocean rower, adventurer, and Guiness World Record holder.

“It is a privilege to be invited to any event hosted by one of the most prestigious and historic organizations in the country. But tonight is extra special for two reasons,” he said.

“First, to be in the presence of a world-renown ocean rower, athlete, captain, and advocate, who runs after adventures for a living — a dream everyone has had in their childhood. You, sir Erden, are an embodiment of dreams fulfilled. It is an exciting thing to be in the same room as a person fueled by a dream, passion for his craft, and love of the ocean and the outdoors,” he added.

“Thank you for gracing this event and for sharing with us your powerful stories. To see the world literally from someone who has gone around the world is to see it as it is — beautiful, dangerous, exciting, but also in need of help,” he continued.

Lagman also said that the event was special because of the cause that they are advocating for.

“Not many are aware that Albay is home to one of only three UNESCO Biosphere reserves in the Philippines. The other two are Palawan and Puerto Galera. We have high conservation value due to our rich biodiversity, including 46 endemic plant species, 12 mangrove species, 40 species of seaweed and microalgae, 10 species of seagrass, and 5 of the world’s 7 marine turtle species,” said Lagman.

“It is our duty to protect and conserve the biodiversity of Albay, which is our first and last line of defense against climate change, food insecurity, and many other allied issues we face today,” he added.

He alsp lauded the Albay Yacht Club for putting these at the forefront of their cause.

“Our environment is a system with each unit doing its part for the whole. In the same manner, all of us in this venue and those we aim to reach outside all have significant impacts on our environment. May we use our networks, our resources, our stories, and our dreams to ensure a healthier and environmentally-viable Albay today and for future generations to come.”

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