Goa Mayor Marcel Pan thanks anonymous donor for helping his constituents


Goa Mayor Marcel Pan is thankful for the generosity of a donor who wished to remain anonymous.

In a Facebook post, Pan said a donor from Canada provided assistance that allowed him to give wheelchairs to two persons with disability who live in Goa.

The donor did not want to reveal his identity and just coursed the assistance through Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Demesa.

He may not know who this generous soul is, but Pan very much appreciates his help!

“Transparency & Integrity Breeds Generosity:

Thanks to a certain donor from Canada who coursed his help through Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Demesa, two PWDs of Goa were given wheelchairs, Ms. Zenaida Alarcon of Sitio Laog, Buyo and Ms. Consing Carillo de los Santos of Sitio Carantas, also in Buyo.

Thank you anonymous donor,” Pan posted.

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