Juban Councilor Gershon Cariño shares tip to beat procrastination


Do you want to stop procrastinating in order to finish stuff on time?

Juban Councilor Gershon Cariño has a tried and tested tip for you.

In a Facebook post, Cariño said scientific studies have shown that if there is something you have to do, you should try doing it for three minutes.

In three minutes, you will have conditioned your mind to continue the task, he said.

He said he learned this the hard way when he was a student and doing self-review for the bar exams.

He also said studying and completing tasks now is much harder because of distractions from social media.

But try the three-minute rule; it might help!

“STUDY/WORK TIP (Anti-Procrastination)

The 3-Minute Rule

Sabi po sa nagkapira na scientific studies, kun may himoon daw po kita, try ta na po batugan sa laog san tulo (3) na minuto. Dangan tantsahon kun kaya na tapuson. Kadamuan din po san mga dapat ta himoon mababatugan na sa laog san tulo na minuto. O kaya sa laog san tulo na minuto makokondisyon ta na an isip ta kun idadagos na tapuson.

Mas mayad batugan na kaysa ipagpabukas pa.

Learned this the hard way during my student years and during the self-review sa Bar Exams. Studying and finishing our deliverables are much harder nowadays because of social media and too many distractions.

Happy survival!

Study & work smart, everyone.

We can do it!” Cariño posted.

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