Onions bring tears of joy to people, says Rizal, Occ. Mindoro Mayor Sonny Pablo


Rizal, Occidental Mindoro Mayor Sonny Pablo was overjoyed to be given onions as a gift.

Given their skyrocketing prices, onions are among the most precious commodities in the country right now.

In a Facebook post, Pablo noted that people cry when they are slicing onions.

But now, just being given onions is enough to make them cry tears of joy, he said.

He expressed gratitude for the onions given to him.

He’s wiling to exchange these for an iphone, he joked.

Any takers?

“Dati ang sibuyas kapag ginayat saka ka maluluha. Ngayon binigyan ka lang maiiyak ka na sa tuwa.

Salamat sa maagang biyaya.

Sino gusto ng sibuyas? Palit iPhone.

#MayorSonny,” Pablo posted.

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