Juban Councilor Gershon Carino prays for the success of the next generation of leaders


Juban Councilor Gershon Carino felt privileged to be given the chance to address the next generation of leaders.

In a Facebook post, Carino shared that he was asked to speak before the students of the Juban National High School who want to make the town a better place.

He said he wishes them well and is praying for their success.

He also noted that he was already in high school when they were still babies. But he believes he’s still young looking.

He could always be young at heart!

“What a privilege to be given the opportunity to speak before our beloved Jubangnons in Juban National High School who are determined to make our town a better place—one step at a time.

Hoping and praying for the success of these young people. Sabi ko san mga batit/baby pa sinda, highschool na ako.

Pero di man po baga nagkakaharayo an itsura, young-looking pa din kita

Salamatunon po sa imbitasyon, Juban National High School!” Carino posted.

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