Legazpi Councilor Ismael Buban IV explains why he likes buying from seafood street vendors 


Legazpi Councilor Ismael Buban IV takes great pleasure in buying from street vendors.

In a Facebook post, Buban explained why he bought fresh pusit from a seafood vendor at Sawangan Boulevard.

According to him, he makes sure to buy from street vendors because they need support to survive day to day.

Moreover, they deserve support because they show that they are not lazy.

They are also able to sell their wares at a reasonable price because they don’t need a middleman, and don’t pay rent.

And most times, what they sell are fresh seafood and not frozen, because they caught these themselves.

He bought a kilo of pusit, and he was so happy with his purchase!

“Afternoon walk in Sawangan Boulevard.

I always practice na pag may makita akong street vendor, binibilhan ko kahit kunti. Para saken, sila yung dapat na binibilhan kasi nagtitinda sila para masurvive ang pang araw araw, at higit sa lahat hindi sila tamad. Mura kasi hindi na dumaan sa ‘middle man,’ mura kasi walang renta na binabayaran, minsan fresh pa kasi sila mismo humuhuli, hindi frozen. Dami ko na atang sinabi, isang kilong pusit lang naman binili ko. Haha

Happy Chinese New Year, Everyone!

Blessed Sunday to all!” Buban posted.

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