Lagman welcomes ALECO’s task force to haste right-of-way clearing operation


Albay Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has welcomed the task force formed by the ALECO administration to hasten the massive right-of-way clearing operation in the province.

“The bayanihan spirit is alive and well in Albay alagad kaipuhan tawang-doon na an tawong nagtatabang sa sadiri, an mas pasil tabangan” Gov. Lagman said in his welcome message.

During a meeting, ALECO Board President Dir. Eddie V. Gumba said that one of the leading causes of line outages is the vegetation and other obstruction elements along the routes of power distribution lines, which need immediate action.

Gumba said that the management is conducting this very relevant action to prevent system losses due to further line outages and disruptions of electricity supply to the consumers in all three districts of Albay.

The clearing team sent by the Bicol Electric Cooperative Association (BECA) is composed of representatives from CANORECO (5), CASURECO 1 (5), CASURECO 2 ( 8 ), CASURECO 3 (5), CASURECO 4 ( 8 ) , SORECO 1 (5), SORECO 2 (13), MASELCO (5), TISELCO (6), and FICELCO (7) that will lead the 7-day activity in the province of Albay.

To prepare for the 7-day activity, the ALECO management conducted a briefing for the “warriors of light,” including the engineers, linemen, foremen, and safety officers, to ensure proper implementation of safety protocols.


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