Albay Gov. Grex Lagman gives thanks for son’s successful surgery


Albay Gov. Grex Lagman’s son Edcel Jaime had to undergo surgery on his “family jewels,” and the doting father is glad that it went well.

In a Facebook post, the governor said his son had been in so much pain, but the surgery was able to reduce this.

The doctor’s prognosis is also good and he said his son could resume normal activities in three months.

Moreover, his son could still have kids if he wants to. He wishes him a speedy recovery.

He’s glad his son has“balls of steel!”

“God is good.

Last night you were in so much pain, Edcel Jaime Lagman II. Your namesake and your lolo, Cong. Edcel, was happy i was able to see you.

This morning, my UP boy was operated on. At age 18, his “family jewels” were tested… But now he feels less pain… and the doctors’ prognosis is great. They said that in 3 months’ time he’ll be able to resume his normal physical activities. But he has to go easy on lifting heavy weights.

Sorry EJ… i had to joke around that there’s a good chance you’ll be a eunuch after the intervention’s done. Haha I just wanted to relax you. And the prognosis is great because you’ll still have kids if you want to! Here’s to your balls of steel!!! Haha

We love you EJ! Speedy recovery!” the governor posted.

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