Libon Vice Mayor Markgregor Sayson makes priest feel self-conscious


Libon Vice Mayor Markgregor Sayson has been a wedding ninong so frequently that the priest has recognized him.

In a Facebook post, Sayson shared that he ended 2022 by standing as wedding sponsor again.

He wished the couple the best as they embark on their married life.

He also shared a light moment from the ceremony, when the priest told the crowd that he did not want to repeat his homily from previous weddings.

This was because Sayson might notice that the homily is recycled, given that he had been in attendance during the weddings in the previous days.

The Vice Mayor had been in the church so frequently that he has probably memorized the ceremony, the priest said.

Suki pala!

“Concluded today my Ninong Duty this year 2022 with the marriage of my inaanak Mark Joseph and Mary Joy Jimenez Recodig! A privileged and honor. Congrats

and Best Wishes!

My best wishes to all my inaanak, May God bless you all. Trust and have faith, for the Love of the Lord endures forever!

Light moment in today’s wedding ceremony

Officiating Priest- I am afraid to repeat the homily because the Vice Mayor might find out that it is a duplication of the homilies of the past weddings. He is always in attendance for the past days. For sure master na niya ang ceremony,” Sayson posted.

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