Looc, Romblon Mayor Lisette Arboleda grants daughter’s wish for sushi


Looc, Romblon Mayor Lisette Arboleda’s would like her to quit her job so that she could be with her in the city all the time.

Arboleda informed her daughter that she cannot leave her job because she will have no means of sending her to school.

But her daughter is ready with a suggestion.

Her mom could be a sushi maker, she said.

Arboleda is not yet ready to stop being a mayor, but she did make sushi for her daughter.

It’s a win-win solution!

“my 7 year old daughter asked me to quit my job to be able to stay with them in the city

when I asked how can I send them to school if I quit my job, she confidently answered: You can be a sushi maker mom!!!

and so this mom caved in,” Arboleda shared on Facebook.

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