Albay Gov. Grex Lagman congratulates daughter on her first holy communion


Albay Gov. Grex Lagman was happy for his daughter Lexi who attended her 1st Holy Communion.

The whole family joined Lexi for this special event.

In a Facebook post, Lagman said the whole family is so pleased for Lexi as she marked this milestone.

It’s a very important Catholic rite, after all!

“Lexi’s 1st Holy Communion.

Me, your mama, your siblings Josh, TJ, Edcel Jaime, Diego and Sam; and, of course, your nephew Nate and nieces Tali and Kaylie as well as your ates Kaye and Andi and your Tita Ana are so happy for you!

We all love you, Lexitay!” Lagman posted.

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