Gov. Lagman: No suspension of classes unless supported by science


Albay Governor Grex Lagman said that he will only suspend classes is it is supported by scientific basis.

“As long as it is safe for all Albayanos especially for elementary and high school students, i will NOT suspend classes,” said the newly minted governor.

“Our basis for suspension of classes will always be science- and evidenced based,” he added.

He said that suspension of classes is subject to prevailing rules, regulations, guidelines and parameters pursuant to PDRRMC indices.

“I will never suspend classes for whimsical reasons and/or political considerations” Lagman said.

“These variables have no place in making public safety, risk reduction and emergency management decisions,” he added.

Lagman became governor of the province just this month after the Commission on Elections disqualified former Governor Noel Rosal.

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