VG Lagman leads Children’s Month Celebration


Albay Vice Governor Grex Lagman has spearheaded the Children’s Month Celebration in the province.

“Bilang sarong ama, I am committed to ensure that my children are safe, secure and loved. Not just well-provided for materially, but happy and secure in the love of a nurturing family,” said Lagman.

As a local legislator, Lagman said that he is committed to undertake a “holistic approach” to protect the children.

“I will prioritize the strengthening of mental health support services for our children through innovative social technologies and establishing more partnerships that ensure all necessary comprehensive health interventions are made accessible to them,” he said.

“Let us all take steps forward in creating a peaceful and progressive Albay that is inclusive and champion their rights. An kaakian ta an most vulnerable to bias, stigma, and inhumane practices. Let take all concrete steps to protect them from both human and natural calamities,” he added.

He also noted that one of the most pressing concerns in today’s world is bullying, may it be online or physical.

“It affects the mental health of children. Albayano kids are not exempt from this. This is why we shall launch “anti-bullying prevention campaigns” that mobilize all child protection committees and bodies even as we promote community participation efforts that advocate for child rights and protection,” he said.

“An satong best investment ay an mga kajovenesan. Kaya kamo po nakaka-asegurar na an PGA matrabaho nin toda para sa saindang mga karapatan asin pribilehiyo. Gabos na Albayano kaipuhan may ambag sa pag-crear nin mas dakol pa na “safe spaces” para sa sainda. Safe dapat sinda sa saindang mga familia. Safe dapat sinda sa saindang eskwelahan. Safe dapat sinda sa saindang mga komunidad. Safe dapat sinda sa Albay,” he added.

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