Odiongan Councilor Kaila Yap talks about her love for books and writing


Odiongan Councilor Kaila Yap loves the written word.

In a Facebook post, Yap shared that she has always dreamed of being a writer ever since she was in high school because of a book she read.

It also helped to improve her reading and her English skills.

She believes in always striving to learn and improve herself, she said, as she shared that she graduated from high school and college with honors.

There is no need to be perfect, but people should do their best to maximize their potential and prepare themselves for the battles ahead, she said.

People will always face challenges, but these are opportunities to be better, she added.

A book helped change her perspective and her life, and she is now striving to create her own story, she said.

Don’t hesitate to pick up a book; it could make your life better!

“I just want to share with you my short story…

I had been dreaming of becoming a writer when I was in high school because of a certain book that inspired me to write and to read books. Little did I know that I was also aiming to improve myself in both reading and writing English.

I am sharing my story to inspire others like me.

I graduated without honors in both high school and college, but in every situation I made sure to learn and earn something that I could use in everyday life, most especially when I graduated from school. I believe that in school you do not have to be perfect, but it’s a place to polish yourself, maximize your potential, and prepare yourself for a bigger battlefield. As I reached the 10th grade, I read a quote saying, ‘Education is not a preparation for life, but it is life itself.’ And as I grow, I have come to comprehend the real meaning of this: in life, you’ll experience a lot of challenges; sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll fail or lose, but the most important thing is to treasure them as opportunities to be better.

I remember roaming around the mall with my cousins, and we went to the National Book Store. My cousin, who happens to be older and was a student at UP Diliman back then, recommended me to read a certain book. It was actually not an international book, but it’s from Wattpad, and the author was a Filipina. I remember I was afraid to read that book because I thought it was some sort of horror genre. But I was massively wrong. That book changed my life, my well-being, and my perspective.

I don’t want to live in the worlds described in the book, nor do I want to be one of the characters in one of my favorite novels’ stories. I want to create my own story and live the way I want, with God at the center of it. I am what I am.

As I continue my journey in this lifetime, I am still growing and improving myself to be better. I strongly believe that a book can change a life.

Happy first day of the National Book Week Celebration!” Yap posted.

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