Naga to build Center for Safety and Resiliency


Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion is excited for his next project for the city, which is the construction of the Center for Safety and Resiliency.

In a Facebook post, Legacion said this will be a next generation interactive monitoring and emergency operation center.

It is intended to provide a solution to the current concerns about the city’s technological requirements that are key to ensuring peace and order, he said.

It would also play a part in responding to the need for better management of traffic, efficient response time to incidents, and collaborative and synchronized preparation and action during calamities and major events like the Penafrancia Festival

The construction of the center would begin in the next few months.

Things will be much better soon!


CESAR (acronym for Center for Safety and Resiliency) is a next generation Public Safety Operation Center or Interactive Monitoring and Emergency Operation Center that we are establishing in Naga.

It is primarily intended to provide solution to the current problems & concerns of the city’s technological requirements that are imperative in ensuring peace & order in the City but at the same time responding to the emerging challenges of the need of an expanding & growing City for a much better management of traffic, efficient response time on incidents and collaborative & synchronized preparation and action not only in times of disaster and calamities but as well as major events in the city such as the Penafrancia Festival.

We are now ready to start its construction within the next few months!” Legacion posted.

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