One of the best! VG Lagman hails Tabaco City Mayor Krisel


Albay Vice Governor Edcel “Grex” Lagman was all praises to his sister Tabaco City Mayor Krisel Lagman as she celebrated her birthday.

“Women in their 50s are truly abundantly radiant… they already have the wisdom and very important life lessons under their belt that younger women have yet to acquire,” said Lagman.

“But they are also the ones most open to new ways of doing things. This newfound adventurous spirit can blaze new trails even as it’s also tempered by a practical skill they’ve honed through the years,” he added.

These, according to Lagman, are the reasons why women leaders thrive and succeed.

“So when they are thrust into positions of leadership, they invariably excel. A perfect example of this kind of woman is my sister Krisel who’s one of the best mayors of Tabaco. It’s a given that she’s also an amazing mother to her kids, a good daughter and a forever “ate” to her siblings,” said Lagman.

“Very few people deserve to “celebrate” their birthday thrice in a year with family, friends and loved ones. Teytey’s one of them. Happy 54th birthday! We love you,” he added.

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