Naga Councilor Jess Albeus treats young vendors to a meal


Naga Councilor Jess Albeus gave young vendors a treat by asking them to join him in a meal.

In a Facebook post, Albeus said the kids selling pot holders and rags approached him and asked him to buy their wares so that they could buy food.

He gave them a meal instead.

He treated them to hotdogsilog, extra rice, and soda.

The day would also have been the 94th birthday of his dad, he said.

?My date on this rainy Sunday night are kids from Brgys Abella, Igualdad and Triangulo who are selling pot holders/pampunas along Magsaysay Avenue. They approached me selling their goods pleading pambili ng pgkain. I asked them instead to join me.

All 5 sems to have stayed in Brgy Abella that at their young age they are familiar of the names of the Brgy Officials of Abella.

Treated them to their favorite Hotdogsilog, extra rice and soda.

Incidentally, today would have been the 94th Birthday of Daddy Inggo

Have a wonderful week ahead Friends and Supporters of Councilor Doc Jess Albeus!” Albeus posted.

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