VG Lagman notes important of good sense of ‘critical history’


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has stressed the importance of having a “good sense of critical history” particularly among Filipinos.

“It is very important for the modern Filipino to have a good sense of critical history,” Lagman said.

“While there are many painful and uncomfortable truths that every Filipino has to acknowledge, accepting that these happened will start the healing,” he added.

Lagman also noted that our collective cultural histories are also very important for “self-identity.”

“And we should never forget that remembering is actually a part of securing societal justice. That’s why memorials for all victims of injustice are very important,” he said.

“History should be taught as truthfully as possible. Of course there will be bias depending on the teacher and/or the school,” Lagman added.

But historical revisionism and distortion, he said, should be avoided at all costs.

“ Otherwise, we will not have the ability to learn the lessons needed to move on. Nor the moral compulsion and political stand to make the right decisions. And we’lll just keep on making the same mistakes,” said the vice governor.

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