Naga Councilor Joe Perez enjoys gifts from Calamba


Naga Councilor Joe Perez went home from Calamba with more than a sisterhood agreement.

Perez and other officials also received goodies from the Calamba officials.

In a Facebook post, Perez said he received baskets of kakanin, achara, ube, milk chocolate with cacao nibs, and more from Calamba Mayor Ross Rizal, and coffee from Vice Mayor Totie Lazaro.

Naga officials also gave some Bicol-made treats to the Calamba officials.

They gifted them with pili candies and pastries and a replica of the miraculous mage of the Our Lady of Peñafrancia, he said.

It was a sweet exchange!

“BARAKONG KAPE hale ki Vice Mayor Totie Lazaro kan Calamba. May mga basket man nin mga kakanin, achara, ube, milk chocolate with cacao nibs, asin iba pa an tinao samuya ni Calamba Mayor Ross Rizal durante kan ginibong sisterhood agreement duman sa Calamba City kan naka aging Lunes. Sa parte man kan Naga, nagtegalo man kami nin various pili candies and pastries asin replica kan milagrosang imahen kan satuyang Ina de Penafracia,” Perez posted,

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