Bawal makalat! Rizal, Occ. Mindoro Mayor Sonny Pablo reminds tractors and harvester operators not to leave mud and hay on the road


Rizal, Occidental Mindoro Mayor Sonny Pablo has reminded operators of tractors, harvesters, and other farm equipment that they are prohibited from leaving behind clumps of mud, hay, and other debris on the roads.

In a Facebook post, Pablo said these kinds of debris could cause accidents among motorists.

He said there is a 2017 ordinance prohibiting operators from leaving behind their mess on the road or beside it, and anybody caught violating this would be penalized.

He has already given instructions to the police to enforce the measure, he said.

All he wants is the responsible use of the roads!


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Atin pong ipatutupad ang ordinansa dito sa ating bayan noon pang 2017 dahil po muli na namang dumadami ang mga malalaking putik sa kalsada. Atin na pong inatasan ang ating kapulisan na kung sino man ang mahuli sa akto o makunan ng larawan ay papatawan ng agarang kaparusahan. Pakibasa po ang ating ordinansa.

Hinihiling po nating maging responsable tayo sa paggamit ng ating mga kalsada. Maraming salamat po,” Pablo posted.

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