Atty. Robredo shares update on her Harvard stint


Former Vice President Leni Robredo has shared an update regarding her stint as one of the Hauser Leaders at the prestigious Harvard University.

“My long day just ended. This is the first day that all the Hauser Leaders are on campus -all the 5 of us,” said Robredo.

“We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together. All the 5 of us participated in a forum with students at noon today,” she added.

Robredo said that US Rep. Liz Cheney was at Harvard and they listened to her talk.

“Afterwards, we attended dinner with the Leadership Council of the Harvard Center for Public Leadership, followed by a Panel Discussion with Professor Pippa Norris and myself as panelists, moderated by Deval Patrick,” said Robredo.

“I don’t have pictures of the events yet but I had pics with some of the people I worked with today,” she added.

According to Harvard University Website, a Hauser Leader spends time on campus “advising students and engaging with faculty during richly-programmed visits throughout the academic year. ”

“It has been a very rewarding experience so far and a tremendous honor to have been invited to the Program,” she said.

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