Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes says Sandro is right on the strength of the dollar


Tinambac Councilor Jonas Soltes agrees with Ilocos Norte Rep. Sandro Marcos’ point about the strength of the US dollar against the peso.

In a Facebook post, Soltes said the US dollar is so strong and performing at near peak, and other currencies pale in comparison.

But while this is beyond the Philippines’ control, he said the Marcos administration is not absolved because it still has to answer for its fiscal and monetary policies.

The younger Marcos has gotten flak for his statement on the peso’s performance against the dollar.

The neophyte politiko said “the peso is not weak, because the peso is weak. The peso is weak because the dollar is strong.”

But it looks like Soltes sees his point!

“I do not agree with Sandro Marcos when he thinks that he is handsome. But I do agree with him that the skyrocketing value of US dollar against the PH peso is because of the fact that the American currency is performing at near-peak these times. All other currencies, not just the PH peso, pale in comparison with the greenback these post-pandemic days.

This ‘beyond our control’ situation does not absolve the current administration however because these are the times also that test our fiscal/ monetary policies and how good we are in wielding them—in the hope that the poorest of the poor especially are not being pushed against the wall or the floor, so to speak,” Soltes posted.

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