Lalaban! Legazpi Mayor Gie Rosal says she will contest her disqualification


Legazpi Mayor Gie Rosal said she would contest the Commission on Election’s decision to disqualify her from her post and expressed surprise over the decision of the poll body.

In a Facebook post, Rosal said she could not believe she was found guilty because of her “indispensable cooperation” in the distribution of cash assistance during the campaign period.

She said her alleged appearance at the said event could not be considered “indispensable” because it would have pushed through regardless of whether she was there or not.

Her lawyers are preparing the motion for reconsideration to be filed before the Comelec she said.

In the meantime, she would focus on doing her duties to the people of Legazpi, she said.

Majority of them voted for her, and the voice of the people is the voice of God, she said.

Lalaban siya!

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