Albay VG Lagman hails his brother Marc


Albay Vice Governor Edcel Grex Lagman has paid tribute to his brother who Marc who thrives as an educator.

“Happy teachers’ day to all Albayano educators,” said the vice governor.

“Greetings as well to my brother, Professor Marco! He taught history and geography in UP as assistant professor for decades,” he added.

Now Marc serves as a full-time professor in Central Bicol State University of Agriculture.

“Many people do not know that Marc was my choice to replace me as councilor of QC when i had to permanently reside in Albay in 2012,” Lagman shared.

“Very few know that he graduated magna cum laude in UP and how he placed first in the PRC exam for environmental planners. With these credentials, he would have been an excellent councilor and policymaker,” he added.

But Marc had another path ahead of him, said Lagman. “But his calling was to teach young and progressive minds. So, politics had to wait.”

“But, in his heart of hearts, he knows that he chose the nobler of these two professions even as many of his students have benefited from his earnest mentorship and expertise as a teacher,” he added.

“May there be more teachers of your mold and character,” he continued.

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