Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion thanks top Senate official BFF for helping him connect with Senators


Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion got some help connecting with Senators from one of the chamber’s top officials who also happens to be his wife’s very good friend.

In a Facebook post, Legacion thanked Rodel Dascil, Director General of the Senate Tax Study and Research Office, for accompanying him as he visited Senators to relay his requests for assistance for his city.

Legacion said Dascil was his wife’s BFF when they were in college.

Dascil is also a long-time Senate employee, having joined the chamber in 1987.

Dascil applied for a position in it when he was only 20 years old, and surmised that he was accepted because he graduated magna cum laude from his political science degree.

While working, he studied law and became a lawyer.

He has since moved up to become one of the top Senate officials and has written several law books.

Legacion got some big-time help!

“Thank you, Atty. Rodel Dascil, MNSA, Director General of the Senate Tax Study and Research Office for accompanying me to some senators of the country in connection with my requests for Naga.

Atty. Dascil is my wife’s bff way back in college. And he has been working in the Senate since 1987. When we were in Sen. Bato’s office and was asked how he got employed in the senate, he confidently said “I applied when I was only 20 years of age and I was probably taken in because I graduated magna cum laude in AB Political Science.” While working, he pursued his Bachelor of Laws and also graduated magna cum laude. He is now one of the top officials of the senate and is author of a number of law books.

Again, thank you, pareng Atty. Rodel Dascil!,” Legacion posted.

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