Have gratitude, don’t focus on social media, says Juban Councilor Gershon Cariño


Juban Councilor Gershon Cariño has some advice for those who may be feeling down because of social media.

In a Facebook post, Cariño said social media can make us feel inadequate because it triggers us to compare our lives to others.

But he said that we ourselves have a lot to be thankful for.

We should be content with the good things that the Lord has given us, but we should also strive to be better and to overcome our challenges.

We should also continue to pursue our dreams.

His point is we all have our unique individual journey.

Great things are in store for us, and it will be our own story, he said.

Just keep the faith!

“Social media will sometimes make us feel either inadequate (kulang) or better than others. It will trigger the ‘comparing’ attitude in us.

But the reality is, we have a lot in our lives now that we can be thankful to God for. We should stop comparing ourselves with others. We must learn the art of being content with the good things the Lord has given us this season.

Of course we will still endeavor to be better, hurdle our present struggles, and pursue our dreams. It would mean, however, having a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL JOURNEY.

I dare say that there are great things in store for each of us. And that will always be unique to us—to you!

Just keep the faith. We can do it! You can do it! God bless!” Cariño posted.

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