‘Prayer warriors:’ Francis Zamora brings Batangas priests to buffet treat, excursion around San Juan


Francis Zamora offered a gastronomic experience to priests from Batangas who visited them in San Juan.

The mayor and his wife Keri toured the foreign priests to the historical and religious sites of the city during a recent visit, capped off with a buffet lunch at a local restaurant.

“They are Keri’s prayer warriors who are based in Batangas,” the politiko said.

The group also got to visit the Museo ng Katipunan, the El Deposito Museum, and the El Deposito Tunnel.

“Thank you for visiting our historical city!,” Zamora said.[0]=AZUQeNMPi947in1RLW_u0xNNxuT3nNE5u2mltANZFFKHxSYAjvBLwEeBEwzGHRz-yPQmM0V-IXGEmYC_FhLNYQ9tQd_hboPvFcEsn1FSdzze4eRcWWaiV6GJL_WjOlboPYP9q11axuf5urzXKs3K9u9mQHuACXaXFc4cd6JD8cDdZg&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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