Palawan Board Member Ryan Maminta plays basketball with the young ones


Palawan Board Member Ryan Maminta tested his basketball skills against young players when he had some free time recently.

In a Facebook post, Maminta said he decided to play ball with the youth from his barangay.

The young ones went up against him and other players who were in their 40s.

They played three games for two hours, and it ended with a draw.

He wanted more games at 40, he said.

When it comes to playing basketball, age is not a barrier to him!


Walang pasok at mga lakad, kaya nagkaroon ng pagkakataon na makipagbakbakan ng laro sa mga kabataan ng barangay. Young Ones vs. BM RDM and the PNPs, 3 games, 4pm till 6pm, 1-1 at tabla. More games at 40 dapat.

,” Maminta posted.

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