Tabaco Mayor Krisel Lagman-Luistro celebrates treatment of rescued turtle


Tabaco Mayor Krisel Lagman-Luistro is happy that a rescued green sea turtle is on the way to recovery.

In a Facebook post, Luistro said the turtle underwent a successful lumpectomy.

It was performed by the provincial veterinarians at the Bureau of Fishers and Aquatic Resources Rehab Facility in Tiwi, she said.

She said the turtle is recovering and would be ready to return to the sea.

The turtle will be home soon!

“The Green Sea Turtle that was saved by Isah Benosa Tanggo and responded to by our Tabaco Fisheries Team last September 18 has undergone a successful lumpectomy by the provincial veterenarians at the BFAR-5 Rehab Facility in Tiwi. She is now recovering and soon will be ready to go back to her home in the sea. Thank you!” Luistro posted.

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