Iriga Mayor Rex Oliva thanks basketball league for tribute, affirms love for the sport


A local basketball league has recognized Iriga Mayor Rex Oliva’s passion for the sport and paid tribute to his contribution.

The Go Kim Ta amateur league in Bicol hailed Oliva for his love, dedication and passion for basketball and praised his founding of the Team Pade-Pade Basketball Club for the youth.

It has since become an established basketball club that is known throughout Iriga and Bicol.

In a Facebook post, Oliva thanked the league for its tribute and said he was honored to be recognized.

He said his vision is to make Iriga City the sports hub in Bicol through the establishment of the Arriba Iriga Sports Academy.

He has big plans ahead!

“I am deeply honored to be featured by GoKimTa Basketball . . .

BIG Thanks Padi/Engr. Solomon Ngo for accepting the position as Sports Consultant without any remuneration/monetary consideration.

Together, we share the vision of making Iriga City the Sports Hub in Bicol Region through the establishment & institutionalization of Arriba Iriga Sports Academy!!” Oliva posted.

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