Sorsogon Rep. Dette Escudero thanks volunteers of literacy program


Sorsogon Rep. Dette Escudero is glad that there is a program helping her constituents to level up their reading skills.

In a Facebook post, Escudero thanked the volunteer tutors of the Brigada Pagbasa who are helping to improve students’ literacy.

She said this program, along with the volunteerism component, helps increase citizen participation governance.

With this, the delivery of public service improves, she said.

Briagada Pabasa shows the strength in working together, and the power in being one, she said.

“Brigada Pagbasa is a program that aims to help learners improve their literacy. Such program, when combined with its volunteerism component, increases citizen participation in governance, which is also a key to more effective public service delivery, including quality and inclusive education.

Indeed, there is strength in working together, and there is power in being one. Both of these are in Brigada Pagbasa.

So again, we thank our volunteer tutors this year for the outpouring support and love for the children!” Escudero posted.

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