Naga Councilor Joe Perez has a new pet


Naga Councilor Joe Perez’ pet Shiro has a new playmate.

In a Facebook post, Perez said Shiro’s new companion is Yaomi, a dog they found in their yard.

Yaomi appeared uring one rainy day looking unkempt. He was battered and hungry, he said.

His family took the dog in and tried to look for his owners through social media, but nobody came forward to claim him.

They have since been taking care of him and now he looks clean and handsome and has had his needed vaccination shots.

He is also well-behaved.

Perez said they named the new dog Yaomi, which means lost soul.

With his new home, Yaomi is lost no more!

“SHIRO (foreground) has a new company. His name is Yaomi (background). Yaomi means ‘lost soul’ since he just strayed in our yard one rainy day, unkempt, apparently battered and hungry. We took him on socmed for the owner to claim but to no avail. Ngonian, he’s looking clean and handsome, and well-behaved after being sent to a vet for examination and the needed injections/vaccinations,” Perez posted.

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