Pasko na! Calapan Councilor Rona Leachon puts up Xmas tree on first day of September


Calapan Councilor Rona Leachon is living proof that Filipinos have the longest Christmas celebration.

In a Facebook post, Leachon shared that she has continued her tradition of putting up her Christmas tree on the first day of September.

She shared photos of her green tree with red and white trimmings.

The practice is special to her because September is also her birth month. she said.

It’s Christmas in the Leachon household!

“My tradition of putting up a christmas tree on the 1st day of September.. Special to me because it’s my birth month..

Thank you Aiza S Cupiado for creating a great job with love & patience

‘The glitter and glow brings the memories of long ago,’” Leachon posted.

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