Naga Councilor Joe Perez wants lawmakers to limit the use of disposable plastic packaging


So many things are available in small plastic sachets, and while these offer convenience, these also cause pollution and harm the environment, according to Naga Councilor Joe Perez.

In a Facebook post, Perez shared a photo of a small pack of peanuts and said the manufacturer of this item produces tons of non-biodegradable plastic packets.

Those who consume this product just throw away the packet, causing pollution in the surroundings, including waterways, he said.

The same goes for other products in similar packaging, he added.

He said lawmakers should look into this matter.

Time to look for more environment-friendly packaging!

“POLLUTANTS FOR SMALL DESIRES. For only a few pieces of cheap roasted peanuts in each packet, the manufacturer (food processor) would produce tons of non-biodegradable plastic packets for these products.

This is common to gin and beer drinkers (there are many, night and day) who simply throw away the empty packets to litter and pollute our surroundings, including the oceans and the seas. Igwa pa jan similar disposable packets for other nuts, seeds, and what have you, asin dae pa jan kasale si para sa shampoo, sabon, etc. This is something that our lawmakers must look into,” Perez posted.

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