Walang ganun! Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion denies kidnapping claims in the city


There is no spate of kidnapping incidents in Naga City, according to Mayor Nelson Legacion.

In a Facebook post, Legacion stressed that the Philippine National Police itself belied claims that people are being taken by criminal elements in Naga.

He shared a PNP certification stating that there was no kidnapping incident in the city from August 1 to 22.

And even from January 1 of this year and the previous years, there were no kidnapping cases, he said.

He said he had been asked several time about the supposed kidnapping incidents, and wants to make it clear that there is no truth to these.

He urged people not to immediately fall for claims made on social media and to be discerning about what they believe.

When claims are made, they should check whether there is a basis for these and should be wary when the claims do not come from authorities, he said.

Don’t fall for fake news!


I was asked several times, including during the Town Hall Meeting held yesterday afternoon at Naga College Foundation, about the alleged rampant kidnappings in Naga particularly of children and young adults.

For the record, I am attaching herein the PNP certifications stating that there was no kidnapping incident in Naga from August 1-22, 2022. Even from January 1 of this year or the immediate prior years, no kidnapping happened in the city per screenshot of my conversation with Lt Col Errol Garchitorena, Jr.

I am therefore asking our people especially the netizens to be more discerning. Look for basis. DO NOT IMMEDIATELY BELIEVE POSTS IN SOCIAL MEDIA especially when they do not originate from authorities.

Good morning guys!” Legacion posted.

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