Pay your debts, Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic advises the public


Borrowing money from others is not a bad thing, but it comes with obligations, according to Odiongan Mayor Trina Fabic.

Fabic said going into debt is fine especially if one would use the money for something useful, like starting a business.

But those who borrow money should also keep in mind that they have the obligation to return it.

They must not get angry if they are asked to pay up, she said.

Fabic gave the advice as she shared “Netnet’s spending tips” from the Odiongan PIO about proper spending.

It said those who owe money should not get angry if they are asked to pay up.

Debts are supposed to paid, it said.

The mayor agrees!

“Tandaan na hindi masamang mangutang lalo na kung ito ay ipupuhunan sa negosyo, pero tandaan na ang utang ay dapat pong bayaran. Sabi nga ni Netnet, wag magagalit kapag singilan,” Fabic posted.

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